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Cold fogger advantages

ULV Cold fogger
  • Low amount of liquid and carrier. Ultra low volume foggers as the name suggests use low amount of
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    ULV Cold fogger

    fogging liquid which results in lower costs of application using cold foggers. The fogger is more efficient and will consume less liquid in fogging, as the fogging solution gets atomized with an air pressure into very small particles. Cold foggers also use a very small amount or no carrier substances at all, so disadvantages of thermal fogger that use petrol carriers does not apply to cold fogging devices. This results in such advantages:

    • Cheaper to use, as there is no need to purchase additional carriers, which need to be refilled or changed pretty quickly on thermal foggers, depending on the usage frequency of the fogger.
    • Cold foggers are more environmentally safer and will not produce any oily residues that are difficult to clean.
    • Cold foggers are practically odorless in most occasions and are much more pleasant to use, especially in indoor areas.
  • Can be used with water and oil based solutions. Most ULV foggers allow to use both water and oil based solutions. Water based formulations are a lot more environmentally friendly, can be used to fog plants and do not pose a fire safety risk.
  • No traffic hazards. Cold fogger produces practically invisible fog cloud, so there are no traffic hazards and the fogger can be used in cities and other crowded places.
  • Simpler to operate. ULV fogger are sometimes more simpler to operate than thermal foggers, especially when looking at professional equipment. Fogging solution can simply be filled inside a tank, fogger needs to be plugged into electricity and it can be left to operate, while thermal foggers in addition require attaching a gas cylinder, heating the assembly for certain amount of time and releasing the fog manually by pressing a trigger.
  • Quiet electric ULV foggers. Electric ULV foggers are generally more quiet than thermal foggers, which is useful in urban areas, where high noise may be an issue.

Cold fogger disadvantages

    • Practically invisible fog. The fog produced by a cold fogger is practically invisible, which not only has pros such as avoiding traffic hazards, but also has some cons. First of all it is much more difficult to control the direction of the fog, especially when fogging outdoors. This is a disadvantage in such applications as mosquito control. For example, if you fog with some wind outside, fog will drift away from the desired area you want to fog. With thermal foggers that produce visible fog this can be easily controlled, however with a cold fogger you will not be able to see were exactly the fog drifts, so it will be much more difficult to direct the fog to a certain area. Also people will not see the cloud of fog, so they cannot avoid it and might inhale substances used in fogging from air.
    • Difficult maintenance and repairs. Cold fogger may be easier to use, but they have difficult maintenance and repairs, because they consist of an electric motor, air pressure pumps and complex nozzles, so they need to be repaired by a trained personal.
    • Larger droplet size. Cold foggers produce particles in larger size than thermal foggers, usually from 10-50 microns in diameter. Although they can be adjusted to fit different applications, they cannot output such small particles in high density as thermal foggers. In indoor and outdoor applications this means that the fog won’t be able to penetrate the smallest and difficult to reach places. In mosquito control larger particles will stay in air for lower amount of time and won’t have such a good effect on reaching all mosquitos in the air in area the fog is released.
    • Higher purchase costs. ULV foggers for personal use tend to cost more than twice the price of thermal foggers for personal use. Although the price of professional thermal and cold foggers can vary a lot and can go well over 1000 dollars, the price for compact thermal foggers for personal use is going to be smaller than cold foggers.
  • Need longer amount of time to fog. Cold foggers require longer amount of time to fog a similar sized area than thermal foggers.

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